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Riso Scotti

Rice in all its goodness

Riso Scotti  has been processing the highest quality rice from Italy since 1860. The now  sixth generation of the Scotti family continues to dedicate itself to the  quality and innovation of the best rice varieties, making it one of the  leading rice producers in Europe. Riso Scotti is known for its innovative  production processes and advanced agricultural techniques, with an emphasis  on preserving the nutritional values ​​and natural taste of the rice.


Riso Scotti’s  range includes a wide variety of derivates of rice such as vegetal drinks,  snacks, whole-range lactose-free products, and the most iconic rice variety  such as Arborio, Long grain, Parboiled, Risotto, Basmati, and others.


A group of FBS employees
A group of FBS employees