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Autentico Italiano

More than 14.500 members farmers grouped in 51 big Cooperatives, who grow fruit and vegetables all over Italian territory.

The quality of Cirio's preserves comes from the exceptional quality of the 100% Italian raw produce and the extreme care we take throughout the growing, picking, processing and packaging process.

We offer variety of products from olive oil, tasteful sauces to chopped tomatoes and passata.

The proccess behind is product is exceptional. For example for chopped tomatoes we use our ripest round tomatoes. They are deseeded, peeled and cut into pieces to preserve the quality, consistency and intense flavour of Italy.

Fragrant and tasty, with a rich red hue, Cirio brings the natural goodness and freshness of tomatoes picked and packed the same day to bring a vivid and inviting taste experience that makes every dish special!

A group of FBS employees
A group of FBS employees