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Francis Busuttil & Sons (Marketing) Limited (FBSM)

FBSM is a sales, marketing and distribution operation representing a strong portfolio of globally renowned branded food and grocery products.  The Company is amongst the leaders in the supply of their brands to, primarily, the retail sector (supermarkets, mini-markets and grocery stores).  It operates from its premises in Santa Venera and Haż-Żebbuġ, both strategically placed to best serve clients within Malta and Gozo.

Emphasis is made on marketing branded products, mainly via advertising and other promotional activities.

FBSM currently employs a workforce of 140 associates.

Over the years, the Company has and continues to investing strongly in technology, infrastructure, and quality standards, to secure its place as one of the leaders in the marketplace. The company applies a strict quality management system governed by an ISO 9001:2015 certification audited by Dimitto SA, a SAS (Swiss Accreditation Body) accredited company.    

We strongly believe that our biggest assets are our employees and our customers. FBSM is NCPE and MCCAA certified. Each of these certifications reflect our commitment in employee equality and fair trade.  

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