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Turn Up Your Senses

Crafted With Passion

Twinings have been providing exceptional tasting teas since 1706; with a rich history in producing classic blends as well as fruity or herbal infusions for the perfect brew.

Twinings’ Master Blenders have an unrivalled commitment and passion to making great teas. As a company, we also have the advantage of not owning any tea gardens, meaning that we aren’t tied to specific producers. Because of this, we’re free to select the very best quality teas every time.Twinings have developed long-standing relationships with producers and agents the world over. Through mutual understanding and knowledge-sharing with these people, we ensure that every tea which we purchase is of the very highest standard possible.

To buy only the best quality teas, our master blenders evaluate and grade hundreds of samples a week, which have been sent from all over the world. It is only by employing some of the best palates in the country that Twinings can ensure that the blends our customers know and love are kept consistent and to the very highest quality.

A group of FBS employees
A group of FBS employees