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Delicious goodness that’s indulgent, better for you and cares for the planet.

Making delicious Italian goodness that’s indulgent, healthy for you and cares for the planet.

Our typical Italian story is about combining the pleasures of life with a commitment to improve the quality of life through innovation and a little bit of creativity.

Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi, a young Italian neurologist, realized that food is important not only for the body, but can also improve our well-being and mood, and therefore our lives.

Valsoia initially developed plant-based drinks, hazelnut spreads and meat alternatives, then gradually expanded its offering to include yogurts and Italian gelato. Our plant-based gelato was a true sensation! Italians loved it so much that in 2001 Valsoia built the first 100% plant-based factory for this tasty treat in Piedmont – right near the Alps. There to this very day, 100% plant-based, sustainably-sourced ingredients are slowly churned into the smooth and creamy texture of authentic Italian gelato.

Hard work and the love people showed made our product range grow. We were the first to introduce plant-based products made not only from soy and rice, but also from almonds, cashews, coconuts, and oats. That started a real plant-based revolution! Our offering now includes plant-based alternatives in every food category, from breakfast through dinner.

A group of FBS employees
A group of FBS employees