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Greek food


A good life shared

The good life is about the little things.

Late-afternoon lunches with friends among the olive groves. Getting the perfect golden crust on your pan-fried saganaki. A housewarming party where everyone brings a new, unusual dish. An extra bowlful of real yoghurt drizzled with honey, for pure brunch indulgence.

At DODONI, we champion a way of life that is unmistakably Greek.

DODONI is relied on by countless Greeks around the world for our much-loved recipes and authentic techniques, bringing the taste of home to wherever you are.

Whether it’s the buttery tang of kefalograviera cheese that takes you back to the local taverna, or the creamy freshness of thick Greek yoghurt in tzatziki, savour the taste of real Greek flavours in every single bite.

Explore our range of feta, tzatziki, halloumi and other Greek specialties available in top shops in Malta.

A group of FBS employees
A group of FBS employees