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Balocco wafers have arrived!

FBS Marketing is delighted to announce the brand new Balocco Wafers available in Maltese stores this Spring.

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Balocco Wafers
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FBS Marketing is delighted to announce the brand new Balocco wafers available in Maltese stores this Spring.

Balocco has always prided itself on it’s strong Italian roots and traditions. The themes of family and loved ones coming together around the kitchen table can be perceived all across their confectionery range. The new Balocco wafers feel like a newly discovered member of the same family, made with high quality ingredients and a traditional recipe. Balocco wafers balance crispness with sweetness and have a rich, double layered filling.

Balocco wafers come in three different flavours: Chocolate, Hazelnut and Milk & Vanilla. The key to their versatility is that they are available in four different size configurations. Balocco Wafers come in a pocket sized 45g, a standard 175g pack, a 125g mini cubes pouch and an even larger 250g cubes pouch. These options cater to every snacking need, be it a small travel bite, a casual snack after lunch or a hefty party serving with friends.

FBS Marketing Executive Luke Schembri expressed the following:

‘’Balocco is already a familiar brand in Malta, but we have now branched out with a variety of amazing wafers that gives every household the opportunity to enjoy Balocco at any time of the year. It’s a great-tasting and well-priced snack available for everyone to enjoy!’’

FBS Marketing has been the local importer and distributor for Balocco since 2020.

Balocco Wafers can now be found in leading stores in Malta.